Sure, the Taco Bell dog grabbed all the Chihuahua headlines in recent
    weeks. But he -- who's a she, actually -- may only lose a job. When it
    comes to Chihuahuas in peril, the most gripping story may be that of
    Tyk Thomas and Litty Leigh, beloved pets of Backstreet Boy Brian
    Littrell and his fiancée, Leighanne Wallace. On July 19 both dogs
    disappeared from the couple's home outside of Atlanta after an
    unidentified woman buzzed at the gate. "I told her, 'No, you can't
    come in,' " says Wallace, 31. Soon after, the dogs were missing.
    Wallace called Littrell, 25, who hopped a plane back to the States 
    from Sweden, where he was recording the band's new album. "He was
    extremely upset, almost more than I was,"Wallace says. The popster
    appealed for the dogs' safe return on local TV and radio. After four
    days, "we were miserable," recalls Wallace, "and completely without

Then on July 23 a tipster alerted police to the dogs' whereabouts.
    Quicker than you can say, "Drop the chalupa!" officers followed up, and
    Tyk and Litty were recovered separately at the homes of two women
    whom police decline to identify. No charges were filed because, says
    Sheriff's Deputy Clark Evans, Wallace and Littrell "just wanted their
    dogs back. That was all." 

"When we got home, we got in bed with the dogs," says Wallace.
    Although both pups appeared to be healthy despite some dehydration,
    "Tyk was really shaking and is still just so nervous," notes Wallace

With good reason. Although both dogs have traveled the world in style,
    it's clear there is a dark side to being a Backstreet Boy's best friend
    Tyk has been the victim of attempted dognapping by fans twice before, 
    says Wallace. From now on, she says, she'll be extra careful: "What's
    my advice after this? Do not let your babies out of your sight!".